Solar powered electric charging stations

These innovative stations are being tested in the city of Bolzano, Italy. Called E-Move Charging Station, they will be used to recharge electric vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles or even laptops, cell phones or any other gadget. They are placed in strategic parts of the city and has been designed to integrate with the urban environment, without being an eye sore but also to be easy to recognize. Its sloping roof has eight photo-voltaic panels that capture solar energy, transforming it into electricity and can serve both pedestrians and people who have some type of electric vehicle. One side has a bench for people to sit and wait while recharging gadgets like an iPod and on the other side there is a ramp for vehicle access. Looking at ecological options for transportation, one of the most feasible seems to be the use of electricity. Electric vehicles reduce harmful emissions to zero as well as greatly decreasing noise pollution, but the energy source needed to recharge these vehicles is not always ideal, as power plants work with fossil fuel, coal, atomic energy, etc.., which are not exactly environmentally friendly. The idea behind the E-Move Charging Station is very positive because they only use clean energy (sunlight) to operate. Depending on the results of this initial trial, we may soon see clean green recharging stations appearing in other cities and even other countries.

Movilidad electrica

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