The Essence of Abundance

There is so much information available about Abundance and the Law of Attraction, yet we also have the media constantly portraying its version of the world in crisis. It can be tempting to react to those messages and begin to panic, but Juin Gibson, of Alma de la Tierra, examines the subject from a different perspective.

Some of the information I have received recently has made me think ‘I have to do more, get more, be more in order to feel abundant’, but my experience has taught me that abundance is actually a state of mind and way of being which has little to do with the size of my house or bank account. When I came to make a flower essence based on Abundance I looked for a mix of flowers, each plant working with an aspect of Abundance, such as Sunrose (cistus albidus) and broom. Sunrose helps us to find the delight in each present moment. When we project into the future or hold back for fear of repeating past ‘mistakes’ we become powerless and victims of circumstance. With conscious use of Sunrose we can stand firmly in the present moment. Broom helps us to connect to the sweetness of life, to notice where we might be hanging on to old resentments, or feeling that ‘life’s not fair’. Most of these thoughts or beliefs are actually not true, but outdated ideas and stories we have picked up over the years. The Abundance blend supports us in first recognising and then moving through these limitations we set up for ourselves. How does it do this? Taking a course of the Abundance blend we can become more aware of our thoughts, attitudes and behaviours and begin to change them. As we do this our experience of life changes too and becomes more filled with gratitude and abundance.

INFO:1 day workshops throughout Andalucía (Jerez, Tarifa, Estepona, Malaga, Torre del Mar and Granada ) exploring the plants in the Abundance essence to help you kick start your own Abundance journey.

Contact Juin: 652 274 962

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