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Author of bestseller “Trapped Between Two Worlds: Experiences of a Ghostbuster”, Sandra Ramdhanie is best known for successful healing ceremonies in haunted houses, including discovery channel’s documentary “A Haunting in Ireland”.
A Spiritual Priestess since the 1970’s, she has travelled and worked world-wide and is considered to be Ireland’s leading expert on the Paranormal. With a background in medical science, philosophy and psychology, Sandra has been a paranormal researcher all her life. Sandra’s work combines Eastern Mysticism with Celtic and Druid wisdom. In Ireland Sandra has been advisor to high profile political, professional and celebrity clients over the years, including famous Irish politicians and other public figures. She helps the Irish police investigate satanic cases and missing people, and helped the FBI in missing people’s cases in the U.S.A. For 12 years she wrote a Psychic and Holistic advice column in The Sunday Mirror. Now, for 2009 Psychic Psychologist Sandra Ramdhanie offers Holistic and Psychic advice exclusively for La Chispa!
Dear Sandra
My dreams often come true, I had this dream recently and it was so vivid I wonder what it means. I was in a room with maroon carpet and a shiny brown wooden desk. I opened a drawer in the desk and it was full of money. I felt really happy and excited.
Pat, Fuengirola.
Dear Pat,
To dream of something before it happens is called a Precognitive dream and is a sign that you have psychic ability. Dreaming of finding or winning money can indicate a win, gift or windfall of money but it may also predict an unexpected gift or exciting surprise. Colours you dream have a meaning and can predict events. Maroon is an extremely lucky colour relating to wealth, material and emotional riches, it forecasts abundance, fertility and prosperity. The good news is that the colour brown represents a win or financial windfall too. The omens are all positive so you can expect some good news soon!
 Dear Sandra,
I got a present of a clear quartz crystal, I love it and I want to get some other stones. What stones would suit me best, my star sign is Aquarius.
Linda, Marbella.
Dear Linda,
Gemstones and Crystals can help attract, store, amplify and transmit energy. Quartz crystal helps to develop self-confidence and stimulates psychic and clairvoyant abilities. It attracts good luck and good health. Rose Quartz helps attract love and friendship, while Amethyst, your Planetary Birthstone, can reduce stress and is a powerful aid to developing psychic and healing abilities. If you wear your stone as jewellery make sure the stone makes contact with your skin. Carry loose gemstones or crystals in your left-hand side pocket to receive the energies. Your left hand side draws energy to you and your right hand sends out energy.
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