Touching the Light – Swami Purohit

“Mastery of life and freedom from imaginary fears and doubts are the goals of many people on a spiritual path,” Swami explained to me during a recent retreat near Málaga. “But without the guidance on this path from an enlightened master who knows how to ‘light their spiritual candle’, they could be practicing for a long time without making significant progress.” Judging by the comments of many of the participants on the course, Swami is indeed someone who can ‘light the candle’, bringing the profound wisdom of Yoga, which he received having studied with some of India’s most respected spiritual masters, to guide people on their path. 
The ability to provide this ‘spark’ is something that can only be mastered through the regular practice of advanced techniques and many years of discipline. A spiritual master who has achieved this level of expertise connects the spiritual seeker to their soul and from that point on their practice can advance much quicker. With over 30 years’ experience in yogic disciplines and mastery of advanced systems of sublimating sex energy into spiritual light to bring forth deep intuition, Swami regularly transmit this soul connection to students during meditation, and provides tools for them to sustain and develop the inner light using ‘asanas’ (yoga postures), breathing techniques, meditations and pranayama according to the aspiration and capacity of each student. “Over the course of 3 years I provide the guidance and tools that people need to be selfsufficient in their practice,” Swami went on to explain. “First they strengthen the body, then the mind and finally they can connect to their spirit consciously.” Unlike many spiritual masters, Swami is keen to emphasise that his work is focused on people taking charge of their own lives, not being dependant on him for every small detail in their progress. His background in modern mathematics and science keeps his teachings firmly based in reality. “There is a difference between a master and a mystic,” Swami continued. “There are many ‘mystics’ today, people who have sensed or touched the divine.” Most spiritual aspirants are not in a position to distinguish between a mystic and a master. Students feel peaceful and elevated in the presence of a mystic, and this can naturally lead them to positions of teaching. But if they do not have the know how and capacity to induce this experience in others then it can produce intense physical and mental agony and the masterstudent relationship can become very codependant. “I want to provide enough tools so people can be strong and grounded on their own two feet, not mine,” Swami concluded.
Swami also emphasises the need to be fulfilled and functioning on a material and mental level first before being able to fully explore the spiritual realm. The teacher may create the ‘spark’ that lights the ‘candle’, but it is only through daily practice and application of this practice in daily life that people can achieve self mastery. Reaching this goal means that our path through the physical realm of life becomes effortless and the person is liberated from the doubts and blockages that the ego puts in front of us. “With enlightenment, the ‘poor you’ is completely unmasked and your being becomes one with everything around you,” Swami explained. “On completion of the 3 years’ ground work all fears and doubts drop and all questions are answered in the process of living.”
Swami outlined the basic principles underlying his teachings that help people understand themselves and their place in the world better. Vedic wisdom has three branches to completely understand and guide us in the journey of life: Astrology, a much more sophisticated science than many people appreciate, is used to indicate the possibilities offered by the cosmos at that moment and move beyond their repetitive way of thinking. Secondly is the Yoga, through the practice of which leads people to be able to connect with the divine within. Thirdly is the system of Ayurveda which tones and repairs the physical body and mind to keep it strong on its journey to enlightenment. 
"My courses provide a starting point for people looking to bring forth ‘Samadhi’. Physical health, peace of mind, sense of direction, are the goals that we can achieve through conscious practice and diligence under the watchful guidance of Swami.” Courses will be running throughout 2010 for Swami to pass on his knowledge and training to those seeking to develop their spiritual wisdom.
January 2010
“Practicing with the Master” 30 day sessions
“Practicando con el Maestro”
“Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology”  6 month course
Tel: 627 957 833

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