Trampling the Green Way

Construction and the car industry ride roughshod over Zapaterp’s green policies. Meanwhile the European Commission restricts the registration of environmental complaints . During the State of the Nation discussion, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero stressed his commitment to the green economy. The measures proposed are necessary (a focus on efficiency and renewables), but not enough. Environmental group, Ecologistas en Acción believes that what is really needed is a commitment to reducing energy use and material consumption.  Ecologistas en Acción welcomes some of the measures announced by the Prime Minister in the State of the Nation debate, in particular, their commitment to a sustainable economy based on renewable energy, opening a line of financing for these purposes. Although these measures are necessary they are not sufficient for a shift towards a real sustainable economy. Ecologistas en Acción believes that they are not sufficient, firstly because the commitment for renewable energy is undermined by the withdrawal of, after only a few months, the incentives for solar energy. Secondly because there is no real commitment for sustainable mobility, as demonstrated by the Government not launching a Sustainable Mobility Act. Moreover, the environmental organization believes that the measures that will be announced about a shift towards sustainable economy actually go in the opposite way. Thus, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has announced 2000€ to support the purchase of each car, with 600 million euros to promote of the tourism industry (closely related to the construction and the degradation of the coast) and tax reduction measures for house purchases. In other words, while there is talk of a sustainable economy in fact is still pushing for measures that characterize the untenable Spanish model: construction, tourism and runaway mobility. Finally, in the opinion of Ecologistas en Accion, the most disturbing element of the President’s speech are the continuous references to the need for more growth and competitiveness. The transition to a truly green economy will not be through growth in a limited world, but by a system that needs to understand that we need less to live better.
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