Water Wise

We all know how important water is, and we are constantly being told to drink more, at least, 2 litres per day. Indeed, it is the most common mo­lecule in the human body, and we are between 45-75% water (depending on our percentage of body fat—fat cells contain less water than muscle cells). Muscle tissue, about 50-70% water, contains approximately ½ of the wa­ter found in the body. No wonder one feels weak when short of water. Blood is up to 80%, brain grey matter 70-85% and bones 20-33%. Virtually every body function requires water: respiration, digestion, circulation, glandular secretion, temperature regulation, waste elimination. Water helps to lubricate, insulate, protect, and give flexibility to the muscles, ligaments, and joints. 

Not any old water will do however and the quality of the water we have available for drinking is essential for optimum health. Every house has to decide between a home purifying sys­tem or dragging home plastic bottles from the supermarket, with all their attendant environmental con­sequences. One domestic alternative is the OIKOS Agua Pura, Mod. Wa­ter-Wise, which uses the processes of evaporation, condensation and car­bon filtration to eliminate impurities from your  water transforming tap water into 100% steam distilled / purified water. More effective and re­liable than just a filter, an Agua Pura machine WATERWISE OIKOS (4 litres/4 hours), combines the very best distiller with final carbon fil­tration for consistent purity over time and it produces the water at a cost of about 0.05€ a litre, considerably cheaper than your average supermarket bottle and most important, much better water for your health.
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