What are…Tibetan Singing Bowls?

During a Tibetan bowl massage, vi­brations flow through the body, bal­ancing the energy in the body’s water molecules (we are 75% water) and producing physical and mental har­mony, both pleasurable and relaxing. Energy is revitalised at all levels, eliminating blockages, alleviating stress and anxiety as well as activat­ing concentration and creativity. The treatment balances the physical, men­tal and emotional, realigning, cleans­ing and opening the seven Chakras to help increase the flow of energy providing an open portal to higher consciousness. At the same time, the vibrating sounds stimulate deep memories, permitting us to resolve old blockages which are the source of many illnesses, both physical and emotional. A harmonized body and mind is the surest road toward a healthy soul and all this implies for the overall well-being of each of us.

Heriberto also offers consultations in Numerology. He will be offering them also at the ECOCULTURA DEL SUR in Fuengirola in June. Tel. 952 52 85 71           
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