What can Shiatsu do for you?


Shiatsu is a manual therapy of Japan­ese origin with its roots in the ancient traditions of Far Eastern Healing and philosophy. The aim of shiatsu is to promote the processes of self healing and personal growth. A Pan Euro-pean study conducted by the Univer-sity of Leeds found that about half of the people who receive shiatsu do so primarily to maintain good health. Others go to shiatsu for a wide variety of health problems both physical and psychological. Some 90% of receivers felt calmer and more relaxed after shi­atsu and around 85% felt that it had been effective in treating their symp­toms. They reported improvements in problems of tension and stress, muscle and joint problems, back pain, low en­ergy and problems with digestion, breathing and blood pressure. Almost 80% of users said that shiatsu helped them make changes in their lifestyle and up to 34% used less conventional medicine. The opinion of shiatsu users towards the therapy was overwhelm­ingly positive. Some quotes from the study illustrate this: “I feel more re­laxed and happy about my life than I have ever been” “Shiatsu has affected every area of my life in a positive way”. The full report of the Leeds Uni­versity study is available on the web­site of the European Shiatsu Federa­tion www.shiatsu-esf.org
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