What is…the Cosmetics Database

Cosmetics are loaded with ingredients that haven’t ever been tested for safety and toxicity. Much as people are increasingly concerned about the food they eat, so too should they be concerned about what they wash in and put on their skin every day. The Cosmetics Database, known as Skin Deep and run by the Environmental Working Group, is a huge archive of over 51.000 products and 8.500 ingredients and is a simple to use way of finding out about the every day products you use, their ingredients and their safety ratings. Based in the US they form part of a coalition of public health, educational and consumer groups fighting for an end to the use of harmful chemicals and to replace them with more natural alternatives.
http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ – only in english
If you are shocked by what you find out, natural, organic alternatives can be found by calling Essentially Yours – natural skincare
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