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Coín continues to spread its alternative wings, with the opening of its first dedicated alternative therapy centre, adding to the already existing yoga centre in town, herboristerias with their own therapy rooms, organic market, TransitionTown movement, Spiritual centre and Montessori nursery. No wonder Coín is home to La Chispa.
Fisiotec has only just opened its doors but is already attracting plenty of attention from people curious to try the extensive range of treatments available. Fortunately the centre has a helping hand from manager Maria Robles Jimenez, who has been teaching municipal classes in alternative therapies in Coín for the past five years. “Each year I have seen a growing interest from people wanting to learn manual therapies. I teach courses in shiatsu, Thai massage and reflexology and now the public can come and try these therapies from professionals.” At present there are four therapists and a dietician working at the centre so that depending on each person’s situation they can offer the right treatment. “We work only with manual therapies, not using machines,” Maria explained. “This is an important distinction with other treatments available.” Another feature of the centre is their special offers for associations so that people with fybromialgia, for example, can offer much reduced rates for a series of treatments. “There are hundreds of people in Coín who are part of these associations,” Maria continued. “And we wanted to make the therapies as accessible as possible to people with illnesses because they can be so effective.” For now the centre is concentrating on offering therapies but eventually they hope to start small classes for people wanting to learn them as well.  

More therapy news, as our good friends at Mistiyan-Naturaclass have taken over the running of the spa at La Trocha’s popular Aqua Gym, bringing their years of professional experience to managing the spa facilities. And while at La Trocha, the herboristeria run by Marie Angeles, apart from selling all your whole food requirements, also has a therapy room offering Reiki, naturopath consultancy, dietician and Tibetan bowl therapy.  
More news from the
TransitionTown movement in Coín, after five months of weekly meetings and a lot of busy activity over the winter, this local group has seen dozens of people pass through the doors to see what they are up to. The weekly Friday meetings have become a focal point for people interested in the Transition movement – a global network of local groups looking for sustainable solutions to the imminent consequences of ‘Peak Oil’ and global warming. “The transition movement asks for a significant shift in our mentality,” explained Claus Mikosch, one of the founder members. “Climate change means we must reduce our impact on the planet, Peak oil means we will have to power down from our addiction to fossil fuels.” Thinking globally, but acting locally, the group has already developed a local currency, are looking at setting up a cooperative and have done presentations in local schools along with film screenings to raise awareness of the issues. “Getting people to understand the consequences of an end to cheap oil is one of the first hurdles,” explained Phil Speirs, Chispa editor and founder member. “Once this sinks in we are inviting people to help explore the solutions and, as we see it, the opportunities to build more resilient, sustainable and locally orientated communities.”

Transition Town meetings every Friday 18.00 – 20.00, Asunto Social, Coín
Gathering 1º Saturday every month; Call for details
Tel: 622 557 083 (Chema Vazquez) o 670 450 903 (Jose Martin), 659 537 525 (Phil – English)

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