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As the capital city of the province we would expect Málaga to have plenty of activities for every taste, and with the application for European City of Culture well under way for 2016, there is a very public effort to make Málaga’s attractions stand out. Here at Chispa we have more esoteric interests and this issue we’ll be once again highlighting Málaga’s alternative side – finding out about the courses and workshops and eco-meetings that happen in the city.

We start at Centro Sananda in c/ Maestro Lecuona, near the bus station. Sananda runs courses practically every weekend as well as weekly meditations and classes, and has become very well known in the two years thanks to the hard work of Antonia Romero, who has been involved with personal development and spiritual growth in Málaga for many years. Previously the owner of MenSana, Toni has been providing space for courses and workshops since 1999, with the aim of helping people raise their consciousness. Toni explained that the kinds of workshops that are held at the centre are designed to help people change inside, to wake up and find the light, something Toni describes as the Christ within. The place itself acts as a meeting place for people to gather and offers many weekly classes in meditation, creative arts and EFT as well as the weekend workshops, usually preceded by a free seminar on the Friday. Regular readers will have seen the range of courses offered in our Málaga agenda and some of the speakers include well known figures in the holistic world. One of Toni’s passions is for extra-terrestrial contact and she mentions Sixto Paz and Ricardo Gonzalez as two people recognised in this field who will be holding seminars at the centre in the next few weeks.

“This centre and all my work is done with a starting point of love,” Toni explained. “From this point many good things can come, and through self help and personal development and contact with our spiritual side profound happiness can appear in our lives.” To illustrate this point Toni introduced a lady who had been suffering depression and had found the centre completely by chance and, through therapy sessions with Toni had experienced a great release of the negative blocks in her life. If indeed we are preparing for the dawn of a New Age, then Centro Sananda is a good place to discover how it will look.

A name that many people recognise is “A Course in Miracles”, a self-study course in spiritual development that has been studied and practiced by millions of people since it was first published in 1976. In Málaga the course is brought to life by Carolina Corada who runs study groups in the centre of the city at Rincon de la Luz in c/ Santos. This esoteric shop, run by Jesus and Glenda, has many books on personal and spiritual development and holds regular workshops and classes in the room next to the shop. Already well known in her native Venezuela, Carolina has been working in Spain now for some years as an Introdanza teacher and Course in Miracles group organiser. The courses in Rincon de la Luz have been running for the past xx months and Carolina said: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Just round the corner is Centro Naos, the home of Nueva Acropolis who in June will be running courses in philosophy, music therapy and emotional development, helping people to understand social relationships.

If movement is your thing then Fluxus is designed for you – a centre for movement, dance and internal martial arts there are daily classes and workshops and courses in tai chi, chi gung, yoga, shiatsu, Chinese medicine, dance and much more.

For the more eco minded among our readers, there are regular meetings in the Casa Invisible (see Chispa xx) on social and environmental subjects. The eco group Ecologistas en Acción provide a good starting point for people wanting to know more about eco-Málaga, organising regular activities, workshops and rallies, while Greenpeace also have a group running in the city with monthly meetings.

Curso de los Milagros – Martes 8 de la tarde

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