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Ask the experts. Read our series of articles by Gabriella Kortsch ph.D on relationships and personal development.

Gabriella Kortsch holds a doctorate in psychology and dedicates herself to integral coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, relationship coaching, dream interpretation, and energy techniques. She is an author and professional speaker and broadcasts a live weekly radio show in English that is available on the Internet or for listening on her website, and has appeared in numerous television programs in English and Spanish. She works with her clients to move them towards greater personal, professional, and relationship success with her integral approach to life and offers training and workshops in the field of conscious self-development and choosing responsibility for the self.



Why Does My Partner Treat Me Like This?

Committed Relationships

Second and Third Brains

Do you Dance?

Can you forgive?

Nurture Yourself

Nuestros expertos. Lee nuestro serie de articulos por Gabriella Kortsch sobre desarollo personal y relaciónes.

Gabriella Kortsch es doctora en psicología, se dedica al coaching integral, a la hipnoterapia clínica, al coaching de parejas, y es escritora y conferenciante profesional. Emite un programa semanal de radio (en inglés) desde 2003 en la Costa del Sol en España, que también se puede oír en el Internet o como clips de audio en su portal. Ella trabaja con clientes para llevarlos hacia un mayor éxito personal, profesional y de pareja utilizando un enfoque integral basado en el desenvolvimiento del potencial humano. También ofrece talleres en el campo del desarrollo personal en España e Inglaterra.



¿Por Qué Me Trata Así Mi Pareja?

Relaciones Comprometidas

Presentando Nuestro Segundo y Tercer Cerebro


Can you forgive?

Nurture yourself

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