Bio Chic & Glamour: a new idea in organic cosmetics


Why are you a distributor for organic cosmetics?

I am also a client for these products without petroleum based ingredients, without parabens or silicons, and as I was finding it difficult to buy cosmetics that were Bio Chic and Glamour in Spain I decided to distribute them myself. The business is aimed at all modern women who refuse to poison themselves for beauty and who read the label before opening the bottle; who want to have both personal wellbeing and sustainable development; who think that natural is not just the smell of wheat; the lovers, the seductress, the idealists – it is for these people that I distribute our cosmetic line that I describe as Bio Chic and Glamour.

What makes do Soledane & Co distribute?

We distribute the famous Lilas Blanc range, one of the most luxurious French cosmetics with the eco label. It is a great success! They specialise in anti-aging and are recognised experts in 11 countries already. The formula comprises active ingredients from the plant kingdom with scientifically proven compunds.

Where do you sell these products?

Health and beauty centres, spas and eco shops, we sell to professionals and the public.

What is your mission?

Our commitment is to promote the use of eco products. At Soledane & Co we respect certain rules to minimise our impact on the environment, including reusing and recycling all our packaging, reducing our energy consumption and choosing solar hosting for our web site.


Solédane & Co y de Lilas Blanc:

Telefono: 691 20 55 67

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