BioMeridian Testing with Zoe Fisher

Meridian stress assessment measures energy imbalances in the body based upon electrical resistance measurements taken at a specific acupressure point. A small electrical current via a pen-like stylus is applied to a specific acupressure point on the finger and a circuit is created by having the patient hold a brass hand-mass. A signal from the BioMeridian MSAS equipment stimulates the body’s energy system for each of the items tested and records the feedback from the body. By testing foods and vitamins within the computers database it will provide information on potential intolerances and nutrient deficiencies.
The system can also be used to test the body’s toxic load, which is a reflection of your body’s accumulation of environmental, food, alcohol, tobacco and drug toxins and this toxic burden can be reduced by improvements in lymph flow, liver cleansing and nutritional support, hydration and activity levels.
Food intolerance is a delayed immune response over a few hours or several days (rather than an immediate allergic response) to a food or beverage and manifests as diverse symptoms including skin problems, blocked or runny nose, tiredness or fatigue, bloating, constipation, headaches, and susceptibility to colds and infection. The symptoms are frequently exacerbated by our stressful lifestyles, irregular eating and medications. The BioMeridian screening is quick, non-invasive and tests a wide range of foods. The results provide a highly individualised nutritional recommendation and health improvements.
Zoe Fisher was originally a client of Sheila Partridge, who has been practicing Biomeridian stress assessment for many years in Gibraltar and the coast. After studying nutrition and the Biomeridian system with Sheila, she is now taking over her practice in Spain while Sheila develops her work in London and further afield.

A typical session will involve an overview of lifestyle, eating habits and health history. Zoe performs a food, vitamins and mineral, and toxic load screening. Using the results Zoe works with the client to produce a personal nutrition plan plus, where appropriate, vitamin and mineral supplements. Biomeridian testing can also be ideal for those looking to reduce stress, manage weight, become pregnant, balance energy and mood, and improve athletic performance as well as a complementary treatment for diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and IBS. 

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