Blood – the river of life part 2: Working with Live Blood Analysis

Last issue our Health Detectives discussed the importance of maintaining an alkaline balance in the body to maintain correct blood pH levels. This issue they continue to guide us down the ‘river of life’ and show how Live Blood analysis can provide important information to help us stay healthy. 
Looking at live blood under a microscope is an incredible learning tool to help us discover the dynamic processes that are going on every second in our bodies. Using standard laboratory microscopes with high magnification that are specially set up to view the blood under dark field or phase contrast conditions, researchers can see minute microorganisms within the blood. The shape, size and movements of the blood cells are clearly highlighted as are the waste products, fermented sugar residues (yeast), fibrous webs and crystals. The sicker the person, the more forms will be observed.
Back in the 1930s, German bacteriologist Gunther Enderlein observed tiny microorganisms in healthy blood, and noticed that when the environmental pH changed, they seemed to change form, passing through several different stages of development, advancing from harmless agents to disease producing bacteria and fungus. What he had discovered was that when the body is too acidic, there is a proliferation of fungus growth which debilitates the body and, if not corrected, will ultimately cause our demise.
This has knowledge has been around for almost a century, and now we can combine it with modern technology to measure and evaluate the state of health in order to know more about how our body works and to educate ourselves to keep well. It is better to learn how to fish than to be given a fish.
Blood is not sterile or static. When the environment changes, most notably through diet and stress, then the microbes appearing in the blood can change too, much as we see in nature. A bowl of milk left out will turn sour fairly quickly. Did it turn sour because there was an outside germ that got into the milk? Probably not. It turned sour because of tiny microbes already in the milk changing their form to adapt to a changed environment. The milk of life flowing through our veins is our blood. When it is not kept in balance disease occurs.
Your blood: a hologram of your consciousness
Peering into the microscope and looking at Live Blood, we can see a reflection of cause and effect. When we are not feeling well, our blood does not look good, and when we get better, our blood also looks better. There is a simple correlation: make our blood look better and we will feel better. But something else is also going on. When we feel better, our outlook can also improve. Our state of mental health is closely aligned with our state of physical health, and vice cersa. Change the mental and you can change the physical. This can be reflected in the blood. Change our blood and we can even change our consciousness. Or by correlation, change our consciousness, and we can change our blood. (see body mind connection, Chispa June 09). Our blood holds elements – a vibrational imprint – of who we are. It contains the signature of our soul. 
There are many stories about people receiving blood transfusions or organ transplants who take on new and unusual behaviours – liking new foods, having abilities they didn’t have before. Why? The tissues of the body are fed by blood which contains the vibrational imprint of who we are. Get someone else’s blood or other organ tissue and you have to assimilate their imprint and remake your own. Like a giant human organic tape recorder, over time you erase their message with your own. When people have problems with transfusion and organ transplants, part of the problem lies in the vibrational makeup of both the donor and the patient. In time modern medicine may understand this and they will discover how to electromagnetically erase the donor’s imprint on blood or organ tissues. 
As thoughts have power, so they influence your body. And what is a thought? It is a vibration of your mental self, behind which lies who you are, your soul. That is where the state of your health really begins, and as it comes down from there, it is a process that unfolds very simply and beautifully:
The state of your individual health is
Spiritually/vibrationally induced
Chemically/electrically driven
And biologically carried out.
We hope this information will give you more choices for you to optimise your health. At the end of the day health and good relations are some of the most important factors in our lives.
Live Blood Analysis Example
A 63 year old man had gout for many years, and took 2 tablets every day. The Doctor had told him to take them for the rest of his life. After an acute attack of gout we did a Live Blood Analysis; his urine had a pH of 5-6 [photos bad 1 & 2]. After 2 weeks at the Health Retreat with intensive cleansing, detoxing, reflexology, acupuncture and alkalising drinks and food: [photos good 1 & 2] This was 5 years ago. He has not had any gout attacks since, nor taken any medication. This is about getting educated to manage your life for the better.
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