Chaman – Centre of alternative therapies and school of massage

For over 10 years Centro Chaman has trained thousands of people in alternative therapies and massage, expanding their range of courses to include new therapies and to create comprehensive study programmes for those wanting a professional career in these fields.

Based in the centre of Málaga, and with another school now open in Fuengirola, Chaman has developed a series of core courses running over three years graduating with accredited diplomas in naturopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy and chiropractic. “These are our foundation courses recognised, like all our courses, by FENACO (Spanish naturopath federation) and FEMA (European Aternative Medicine Foundation),” explained Javier Gonzalez Cuesta, owner and director of Chaman, who has been practicing therapies himself for over twenty years. “Apart from these comprehensive courses we also have many shorter ones and many of our students will take one or more of these to supplement their existing training.” With a range that includes over thirty different subjects, there is plenty to choose from, whether it be a three year chiropractic course, a 9 month kinesiology course or a weekend workshop in Reiki. All courses come with a diploma, and the centre also works with students to help them get established as practitioners after they graduate. “We have over 400 students enrolled in our two schools,” Javier continued. “Many will be looking to set up their own clinic or find work in this field. We do what we can to help them.”
The foundation courses are usually one or two full days a week and include an in depth study of the subject matter. During the three year chiropractic course for example, students gain a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology during the theoretical part of the course, and do detailed practical work on many different forms of massage and learn how to treat a wide range of conditions. The acupuncture course teaches students about the theoretical background for Traditional Chinese Medicine such as the Yin Yang concept, the five elements the Chinese approach to the different internal organs and their relationship to each other, Chi energy and the different factors that affect health. Practically they get a thorough grounding in diagnostic tools, the meridian network and all the acupuncture points along them as well as moxibustion and the application of acupuncture therapy. “Our courses are all taught by highly qualified professionals in their fields,” Javier explained. “Our students get the best possible education in alternative therapies, so that they can take their skills straight out of the classroom and into any clinic.”
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