Coín quarry expansion

Over the last few weeks news has emerged of a plan to expand the quarry in the woods near Coín (El Puntal) and a platform has been created to oppose this. The platform makes some specific claims against the need to expand the quarry:

-The 70 hectares of land for the proposed expansion are in a public area that feeds Coín’s water source, and would be seriously affected.

– There is a serious problem with the dust that the quarry generates for the health of the town, causing respiritory problems and with enough particles suspended in the atmosphere can cause cancers as demonstrated in medical studies in alhaurin de la Torre quarry.
-The mayor of Coín and Prodomasa, the promoter have been making the arrangements in private without the public information being made available until the deal has been finalised.
– The platfom claim that the new area of the quarry will have a serious environmental impact and the area will be damaged forever, taking this valuable piece of nature from the town.
-The project will have a serious impact on the toenspeople’s ability to enjoy the area with ever increasing numbers of trucks making the area more dangerous and disagreeable for everyone except one company.
-Before embarking on a large project of this nature there must be an exhaustive study  by environmentalists, biologists and ecologists to investigate the consequences of the exploitation of this area on top of land that feeds the town’s water supply. 
For all these reasons the organisations signed below are looking at ways to make sure that the project does not go ahead
Actions signed by the following organisations:
Mesa por el Agua de Coín
Grupo de Coín en Transición
Plataforma PECTA (Plataforma en Ciudadana del Territorio Alhaurino)
Asamblea local Izquierda Unida de Coín
Asociación de Montaña Rocadura
Fundación García Agüera PECTA (Plataforma ciudadana del territorio Alhaurino)
Asamblea ciudadana por la supervivencia de los Baños del Carmen
Asociación ISMA (Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiental y Autogestión)
Coordinadora en defensa de Río Grande
Asociación JARA

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