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All societies, large and small, are governed by values. Some better or worse than others. One of the most serious threats to society can be from a ‘crisis of vlaues – as the rules disappear, civility breaks down. There is a growing crisis in values that can be summed up as the three ‘E’s: Economic, environmental and energy crises.
However, it is one thing to suffer from a serious crisis, but it is much worse if nothing is done about it. In Coín a growing group of individuals who have concerns about the three ‘E’s have decided to take action and get down to work to make the transition to a more sustainable way of living. Their approach is to think globally but act locally to create a system that is economically viable and environmentally sensitive through what is known as the transition initiative.
Over the past six months, with regular meetings every Friday, the core group have succeeded in launching an exchange network called the RAM (Red de Apoyo Mutuo) for the trading of goods and services in the local community and developing a local currency that has been called a ‘coino’. An organic community allotment has been started and workshops are being held on ecobuilding and sustainable energy.
The group is a diverse mix of Spanish and foreign, young and old, with people from all walks of life and the group aims to develop this diversity – “Using the creative spirit that has brought us to where we are now, we all have to find inspiring solutions to the situation we are in.” Explained Jose Martin Sanchez, one of the founders of the group. They recognise that the process is likely to be slow, but believe that the basic element for growth, PEOPLE, is actually the main resource they need to gradually achieve a better world. Everyone is invited to get involved.
“There are no problems, only opportunities.”
Tel: 622 557 083 (Español)
Tel: 659 537 525 (English)
Coín en Transición
Ciudades en Transición

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