CYD animal sanctuary urgently need help

The CYD SANTA MARÍA Association and Rescue Centre for mistreated and abandoned horses URGENTLY need help of real lovers of animals. Some of the horses which were given in adoption in the past have been returned to the Rescue Centre due to the recession. After the rain, the refuge needs people for working in it. For all these reasons, we need volunteers, 18th aged (with or without experience), who want to collaborate cleaning and taking out horses for a walk.

Tel: 658 900 600

FAMA animal sanctuary also need your help

FOUNDATION FOR ABANDONED AND MISTREATED ANIMALS F.A.M.A. is a foundation set up and funded solely by voluntary contributions to provide an acceptable standard of life to the abandoned animals whilst in its care: A clean and safe living environment A regular and nutritional diet Veterinary care when needed. To ensure that ALL adopted animals comply with current legislation: Spaying / Castration, micro chipping, vaccinations etc. To match (via adoption) animals with suitable owners. To create a better awareness and understanding of the needs of domestic animals in society through visits to local schools etc. The idea of F.A.M.A. was originally conceived by Pat Coleman and Vet Javier Delgado Sanchez in the summer of 2003. The bringing together of a small group of dedicated like-minded individuals saw the formation of what is now the F.A.M.A. committee. And in January 2004 the birth of the F.A.M.A. Foundation based at the CAN.ES veterinary clinic and boarding kennels in Mijas Costa.

Contact: Pat Coleman 620 354 885.

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