Dancing Rainbows

Dancing Rainbows is a new sound-healing and frequency-balancing CD by Nicola Brown. The sounds include crystal bowls, voice, gong, Tibetan bowls, rattles and sounds from nature, the effects of which are designed to help cleanse, purify and energize every cell in the body and gently to raise our frequencies. The music on the CD is designed to work at the frequency/vibration of energy medicine, and the sounds, used with a healing intention, can help to move and remove energy blocks in both the physical and subtle bodies.
Vibration is movement and blockages are areas where there is no movement, where energy has stagnated. Colours are also vibrations which can have a similar effect, and the beautiful artwork, created by Saleena Ki for the cover, holds the same energy as the music itself. Nicola explained the concept behind the CD: “At this point in time there is a great awakening taking place as frequencies speed up, and as the planet herself is in a process of rebalancing. Like the earth…our physical and energetic bodies are being re-aligned and rebalanced. Sound, and colour frequencies are being used by both musician-healers and scientifically- aware doctors to help readdress these shifts.” Vibrational medicine has been used and understood since ancient times, and is reappearing again today. Listening to the CD is designed to be very helpful in this rebalancing of energies. “As frequencies speed up, heavier energies come to the surface and then fall away as they are no longer appropriate,” Nicola continued. “This can be witnessed in many situations in the world today, and these are the changes predicted by the Ancients for the year 2012. We are already in these changes, so it is time to become very aware and awake about everything that is happening to ourselves, our planet and indeed our galaxy.”
Nicola Brown is a sound, aroma and colour therapist. She is available for private sound healings, group workshops, and sale of CDs. Tel: 952 888 261. www.soundsmagical.com. E mail: nicola@soundsmagical.com
Saleena Ki produces beautiful pieces of digital artwork which reflect the energetic changes that we are experiencing, called vibrakeys. www.vibrakeys.com

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