Deeksha: raising consciousness


Deeksha: raising consciousness

The Oneness University, headquartered in India, is launcing a new workshop program: "Oneness Experience". This course will enable participants not only find tools to grow internally and improve their quality of life, but also become Deeksha givers. Deeksha is an intelligent energy that brings about a change in consciousness. The first initiation in Malaga will take place on May 7th to 9th at Tierra Sana, as part of a global project to launch the course “Oneness experience”, reflecting the result of the high mobility and increased collective consciousness that has been generated by the Oneness movement. Previously, the initiations were held only in India, run by people with a high level of consciousness, whereas they will now be held by Oneness trainers of different nationalities, trained directly in India.


Deeksha (Oneness Blessing in English) means initiation, blessing or conscious energy transfer. Deeksha activates a neurobiological process in the brain: turning on and off certain brain areas responsible for sensory perceptions and emotions like jealousy, hatred, separation, joy, creativity and compassion. The result is a transformation in our perception of ourselves, the world and how we experience life from a feeling of love and oneness with everything.


In Spain, workshops have already been given in Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. "The energies are there, but it’s necessary that we use them to achieve a change. If we sit waiting and we think there is nothing we have to do, nothing will happen. We need to use the energy and that’s where the Deeksha initiations come in, " explained Sri Bhagavan, founder of the Oneness University.


“Oneness Experience” is part of a collective awakening vision that aims to raise people’s awareness, to improve their quality of life and promote global social change. It is designed to lead people beyond theoretical learning, allowing the participants to contact with the wonder of inner reality. It supports the healing of close relationships and brings together the fragmented inner parts in an experience of more love, more joy and a higher sense of connection with others. The course includes lectures, guided practice, specific dynamics, powerful meditations and transmission of Deeksha.


The Oneness University was created in 2003 by Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan with a vision for the transformation of consciousness and to free human beings from their inner suffering. It does not propagate any particular belief, dogma, religion or spiritual path.


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