Deva Premal & Mitten: in concert with Manose

Deva Premal and Miten met in India in 1990 and soon began a journey into love and creativity that has taken their inspiring blend of song, mantra and meditation to a worldwide audience. They have released a string of acclaimed CDs with sales of well over half a million, and their concerts and ecstatic chant workshops are met with rave reviews throughout Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States.
Ever since their first album called ‘The Essence’ topped New Age and Alternative music charts worldwide, and Deva and Miten became planetary gypsies, bringing the ancient healing power of mantra into the 21st century. Their concerts and workshops are more than music – they are invitations to share in a deep moment of meditation.
As Deva says, “Without the silence that follows the chants, you get only half the story. It’s like the climax of a good story. The silence is there because it exists in the music. It just needs to be exposed and acknowledged. It’s so easy to overlook the silence inside the music… and it’s that which is healing us… if we allow it to be there. This is really one of the main reasons Miten and I sing – to bathe in Silence. It’s our nourishment. It’s what keeps us on the road. For me there is nothing more precious than having sung with an audience, ecstatic with bliss, and then entering the deep silence that the mantra brings… so deep, that with closed eyes you really feel there is ‘nobody’ there at all… all personalities dissolved for a tiny sacred moment.”
Deva Premal and Mitenhave been touring constantly for the past 4 years together with Nepalese Bansuri maestroManose, during which time their concerts have gained a reputation for spiritual rejuvenation, high celebration and deep meditation, steeped in the richness of Sanskrit mantra. In 2008 alone, they delighted audiences in no less than 22 countries.
In response to many requests over the years, Deva and Miten have released this long awaited album called ‘IN CONCERT’ in May 2009. This CD/DVD package beautifully captures what has made 
them famous in concert halls and yoga studios across the planet: well-articulated, melodically based mantras backed by crystal-clear guitars, keyboards, and, thanks to special guest Manose, bansuri flute.
It captures the spirit of the trio’s live experience exquisitely, recorded in their ‘home town’ of Byron Bay Australia. It contains many of their most inspirational mantras and songs, plus 6 previously unrecorded, brand new pieces.
Manose’s performance on Twameva, alongside Premal’s softly intoned devotional praises 
to the beloved, is beautiful. Miten’s work on the guitar is equally powerful…
If you can’t wait until the 19st of October to join them live in concert in Málaga, then this is as close as it gets to being there: DevaPremal, Miten and Manose In Concert is a soulful delight.
Order this CD online:
More information about the concert on 19 October 2010:

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