Energy Field Illumination

Energy Field Illumination

Developed over the past 10 years in the UK and Spain, EFI (Energy Field Illumination) takes the concept of Kirlian photography to a whole different level. Kirlian photography was first used by Semyon Kirlian in 1939 who discovered that he could capture the electric field of an object on photographic film. Subsequent research over many years on this phenomena has linked the effect to the human auric field. 

Introduced to southern Spain by Edward Murphy, the concept behind EFI is to use aura photography to make a full assessment of the client’s emotional and psychological ‘traumas’ and from there a programme of healing can be started. “I can use Aura / Energy photography to identify exactly where the issue is arising from,” Eddy explained. “I can give the client immediate feedback of the circumstances that caused it to occur in the first place.” During a typical session the client will be photographed before and after so that they can see the improvement that takes place during the healing part. Eddy believes that we are seeing a growing understanding of vibrational energy that is bringing together many different therapies working on people’s energy fields. Using a system called ISIS (Intra-spectral Imaging System), which forms the basis of the EFI technique, the therapist can see many different levels of the auric field, including chakras and meridians. This is the tool that allows the practitioner to make a detailed reading of the person’s emotional and psychological condition, where the problems lie and how they are connected to other parts of the person’s emotional make up. “The system really shows what I call the ‘body-mind’ connection, and there is always improvement after the first session,” claimed Eddy. “With future sessions long and lasting healing takes place and once these ‘traumas’ are completely cleared the client can enjoy a long and healthy life.” Eddy works with different healing techniques based on his own training in hypnosis, psychology, regression therapy and psychic awareness, that makes the EFI system so effective.


If we think of common expressions such as “she was radiant” or “he radiated energy”,  we know that we all register energy around other individuals in some way or another – we respond to an angry person’s energy in quite a different way to that of someone who is calm and welcoming towards us, often without knowing quite why. Sensitive people can clearly see this unique energy field around others – their “aura” – but subconsciously we all respond to other people’s energy field, the presence of which has been accepted for many thousands of years in eastern philosophy. The ISIS system brings that energy field to life, capturing it through computer technology onto video for the therapist to read and provide immediate feedback to the client. “I don’t believe that anyone else is approaching these problems in this way at the moment, so it is a unique approach to a common problem that affects a good many people today,” Eddy continued. People interested in the EFI system can join a weekend workshop in September.

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