Evening Primrose Oil


Evening primrose oil, one of the most traditional natural supplements, contains linoleic acid and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which are omega 6 fatty acids. These are considered essential, in that we need them to stay healthy but can not make them in our bodies. Preferably they should be balanced in our diet with the Omega 3s from fish oils, but on their own they do have some essential functions, particularly GLA which functions as a precursor to a substance known as prostaglandin E1. This substance is involved in helping to control allergies, asthma, heart disease, premature ageing and auto immune disorders. When taken by women, in can help to alleviate many of the symptoms of premenstrual tension, and can aid in regulating hormone levels throughout the rest of the month, and in some cases in maintaining a regular cycle. GLA can also increase joint mobility in people with arthritis, keep the skin supple, reduce eczema, and aid the body in secreting fluids – overcoming dry eyes & mouth. A normal varied diet should provide enough Linolenic acids – vegetable oils, nuts, cereals – particularly corn, eggs and poultry are common sources. Unfortunately some people may have trouble converting linolenic acid to GLA – this happens with age, or if our diet is too high in sugar, alcohol or hydrogented vegetable oils. Certain ailments such as diabetes, or a deficiency of vitamins B3, B6 or C and minerals zinc or magnesium will also reduce the conversion. In these cases, a supplement of evening primrose oil can be taken.

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