Feng Shui Predictions for the 2010 year of the Metal Tiger

By Teri Garcia, Feng Shui consultant and Chinese Astrologer.

2010-The Tiger of Metal
Feng Shui was formerly called the study of the reflection of heaven on earth. The Scholars of old noticed that the movement of the stars, the moon and the sun had an effect on nature which in turn affected man. Over the course of time they associated this movement of energy from the sky with the development of Chinese astrology and Feng Shui. Each year, apart from the energy affecting you from the orientation of your house, you are also affected by the energy of heaven, or also called the horoscope of the year.
The Chinese Horoscope is determined by a cycle of 60 years. Each year is represented by one of twelve animals, Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. We consider one year as the time it takes the earth to go around the sun. In 2010 we entered the year of Tiger Metal or also known as the White Tiger.
The winter solstice marks the beginning of a new cycle of the earth around the sun. Energetically, on 22nd December 2009 we entered the year of the Tiger. In the West, according to the Gregorian calendar, January 1st, 2010 is the first day of the new year. In China, New Year, is the second new moon after the winter solstice, February 14th, 2010 marks the beginning of the year of the Metal Tiger; the New Year festival in China.
The happy, adventurous, charismatic, daring Tiger of the element wood, comes in 2010 with the heavenly stem of metal. Out the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, we find that in the cycle of destruction, wood and metal confront each other. 2010´s metal is of an authoritarian war-like nature, it wants to impose its will at all costs. The wood of the Tiger of the year represents money to metal so we can interpret  this as authorities imposing sanctions or collecting taxes. It will be a year where governments try controlling the economy by imposing severe measures. The year’s entire horoscope, drawn from the elements present in the day, month and time, when energy begins in the year of the tiger, shows that the wood element, the money for this horoscope, is also weak. Governments remain in crisis by trying to raise funds wherever they can, especially by imposing embargoes, fines and penalties. Everything related to ecology will have much more relevance. Recycling companies if they can keep close count of their administration and taxes will reap benefits this year. The Recommendation for the year is to have extra caution regarding small print, accounting, legal matters and tax issues. Make sure all the “i´s” are dotted and the “t´s” crossed.
The Tiger is an entrepreneur and we could say that after last year’s "standstill" brought on by the Ox, animal ruling 2009, it is encouraging to feel the freshness of the new projects proposed by the fun loving Tiger. By the end of 2010 these projects will have materialized their fruits as there is a porthole of hope in the economy.This year the Tiger carries the blessing of The Eastern Guardian Angel protection star, "When everything seems to have no solution, out of nowhere a spark of light emerges from the East”. Those who can adapt to the impulsive changes forced on by the renewing power of the Tiger will have a year that will mark a change of pace for years to come.
The weak wood element of the year means that businesses related to the wood element will be those who will experience more difficulties during 2010. They will have to reorganize their products and services to an increasingly internet based market. Textiles, nurseries, herbalists, medicines, health care, education, kindergartens, libraries and printing, are considered of the wood element. Children are also considered wood element, therefore, they will be more vulnerable this year.
The entire year’s horoscope has an excess of earth. Companies related to Earth industries such as insurance brokers, real estate, massage, construction and livestock will have to put much more effort into making activities profitable. It is not wise to invest in the stock market in these industries.
The fire-related activities will notice an economic improvement throughout the year especially in June, a month of fire. Fire is considered everything related to electricity, computers, equestrian activities, gymnastics, aviation, finance. Any form of “computerization” or “internet-based” activities (fire) will support businesses especially those industries of the earth element.   The tiger makes a friendly combination of fire with the dog and the horse. When fire appears as the beneficial element for this year 2010, the horse and the dog will enjoy more power or simply will have increased profits. The presence of fire weakens the impact of authoritarian influences accompanying the Tiger, relieving the negative aspects of the year for the Dog and Horse. Years of the Horse, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002. Year of the Dog, 1934.1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006.
The Tiger is directly opposed to the energy of the Monkey causing conflicts. People born in the years of the Monkey;1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, must take extreme caution when travelling.  Avoiding excess speed and above all they must not travel directly to the northeast. The months of February and August are when they have to take most caution. The most conflictive month of the year is August, the month of the monkey who opposes the fierce tiger indicating more of a chance of accidents and speeding penalties.
If the monkey is present in a persons four pillars (full Chinese horoscope) opposing the Tiger present in the year can cause conflicts or disruptions in their relationships, if in the day pillar, at work, if in the hour pillar, with colleagues or brothers and sisters if in the month.
To distract the opposition between the tiger and the monkey is recommended both for people born in the Year of the Tiger, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, as those born in the year of the monkey to wear an a Jade Pig pendent.
As each person has a different combination of animals in their horoscopes, sometimes you may need another animal rather than a pig. It’s preferable to have a personalized study of a horoscope to recommend the key element that brings harmony between all elements.
The pig is very comfortable with the energies of the tiger, strengthening the weak qualities of wood that come with the year.As the wood element represents the economic aspect of the year, people born in the year of the pig may see more harmony in their finances and generally have a good year. The years of the pig are: 1935, 1947.1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 , 2008.
People born in the years 1926.1986, 1935, 1995, 1944, 2004, 1959, 1968 and 1977 are advised not to attend funerals. It is better not to see the coffin because they can be affected more than usual.
The Peach Flower, a star associated with romance, is with the sign of the Hare. They may find that the year brings love or improved relationships with loved ones. Years of the Hare:, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999. 

Annual Flying Star.
There are some influences that affect a house annually. These are called the Annual Flying Star, some may be helpful some not so much. These annual influences should  be considered together with the overall Feng Shui of the house for a more conclusive analysis. The stars can be applied to a house, a city, a country, the world.  America is considered “West”, China “East”, The Northern Hemisphere “North”, Africa “South” and the Middle East the middle of the world.
This year the 5-yellow star flies into the southwestern sector where it can cause undue stress for the woman of the house.This star also represents disease. The cure for this star is to place a metal object in the southwest sector. The metal object can be: a piece of furniture, a vase, a plate, a statue, file cabinet, the heavier the better.
The houses most affected by the location of this 5-yellow star will be those with a northeast-southwest direction, especially those with the front door in the southwest.
The cure for these houses is to paint the walls of the southwest sector or the entrance from the front door, white.  Excess fire is best avoided:  red, fireplaces, natural fire as it would increase the negative connotations of this star. It is imperative not to dig or do structural work in this sector of the house either.The same applies to the northeastern sector as the 2-Black star is located there during 2010, also a star related to illness. Houses located on the northeast /southwest axis will be the most affected during 2010.   It is recommended to keep them clean and clear of clutter, in working order and paint white wherever possible.
The star number 3 is located during 2010 in the southern sector. It is recommended that you should not sit with your back in the south looking north. It is appropriate again to position any working area to avoid the disruption that this star brings. Fortunately, the fire south of the palace diminishes the effects this year. The 3´s presence in the south increases the fire quality of the sector bringing a bit too much activity, things can become very rushed, people will have to take caution as to not feel to over-tired.
The star 6-White; a benevolent star is in the eastern sector. It is a good sector in both the money and for power.
The 8-White star is situated in the center of the house. The 8 is the lucky star of the period and is related especially to children. Children this year will be in the news and be the center of attention. Even though portending the luck of 8 there is a conflict in the centre palace due to an excess of earth. When the soil becomes stagnant it can create digestive problems.
The number 4-Jade star flies to the northern palace where the presence of the water element empowers its qualities. North is a favorable location for work this year.   We can apply this to the north of the house, the office, the city, Europe and Spain   
The 7-Red star is related to theft, it flies to the southern sector so it is recommended to take precautions against theft in this sector of the house  especially if there is a door in this sector.
The 9-Purple Star flies to the northwest, this star is related to romance. The Northwest is a good place to find love or spend a romantic evening with your partner.
The other star we should give careful consideration to during the year of the tiger is the Grand Duke. It flies to the northeast palace. Specifically, between 52.5 and 67.5 degrees of orientation. The Grand Duke likes to be quiet so no work is to be done, moving ground, or breaking walls in the northeast of the plot or house. It is best left any building work to this part of the house until next year when the Grand Duke moves to another location . If reforming an entire building, it is important to commence work in a favorable area away from the Northeast.  
Feng Shui and Chinese astrology go hand in hand.You can alleviate the negative effects of the energies of the year implementing  good Feng Shui. Each person, each space has unique characteristics that need not adhere to the general rules of a prediction. An experienced Feng Shui specialist can tell you how to harmonize the necessary elements in his life, incorporating both, your horoscope, the energies of the Year and the Feng Shui of your home. If the Tiger is the animal you need to balance your horoscope then 2010 could be your year! Have a prosperous year of the Tiger !
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