Furniture Sculptures


Making furniture sculptures is an expressive way of working based on a simple and primitive way of working with one of oldest raw materials used by man – wood. Curro Fito has been developing his technique for over 25 years and explained to La Chispa how his creations come about.
I am passionate about wood as a raw material, using sculpture as a form of expression, and the value of simple things, such as a table, a headboard for a bed or a bookcase. At its heart are common objects that can be treated exceptionally. Through their creation they provide the inspiration, the forms and the utility so that the pieces are sculptures but also furniture, conveying something that goes beyond the everyday use that they actually have. Each piece has a unique journey, starting with the raw material, and many pieces will spend time in the workshop until one day they suggest something, something in its form that makes it become a working sculpture. Then, the development is a process where I apply my many years of working with wood – depending on the size and uniqueness of each piece, the creation is very manual, and the finishing is endless – layers of varnishes, beeswax, or just olive oil. I work with ‘forgotten wood’, that because of its "shortcomings" or unusual shape, is not useful for the highly mechanized industry. Old olive trees for example that used to be worked into fences are now being replaced by metal posts – these pieces bring a unique texture thanks to decades being exposed to sun and water. Mainly I use Olive, Walnut, Chestnut, Maple and, in general, any wood that is grown in a sustainable manner.

Wood is the only renewable raw material that can be used without harming the environment, born of the union of earth, water and energy from the sun. The feedback is continuous and, managed properly, brings us an element of unique beauty, with unlimited possibilities, as valuable as the whole range of tools and objects that have allowed us to create a more comfortable human life. A forest, well managed, allows regular and sustainable harvesting of trees, providing only the amount of wood that the forest has produced in a year.

Curro Fito muebleescultor.


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