Greenpeace launch 5th edition of ‘Guia Rojo y Verde’

Greenpeace launches its 5th “Guía Roja y Verde” as the Spanish government’s passivity towards the advance of GM continues.

The guide was launched during the “State Week of Action against GMOs” and saw representatives of consumer groups, farmers, eco producers and Greenpeace members amongst others meeting in Zaragoza on 17 April.

People feel defenceless faced with a Government that only see big business’ interests or with the European Commission that has imposed on us “a poisonous potato” – for our health and the environment”, declared Juan-Felipe Carrasco, head of Greenpeace’s GMO Campaign here, calling on people to participate in the demonstration held on the 17th April to let the government know that there needs to be an urgent moratorium on the cultivation of GMOs.

Greenpeace stressed that although European legislation made labelling products containing GMOs obligatory, that with the authority’s lack of traceability and accountability it had been up to them to obtain the information for the Guide and that while many companies continued not to offer a guarantee that their products were GM free many had changed their policies after previous appearances in the red section of the Guide.

Details of Greenpeace’s Guía Roja y Verde can be found here … in Spanish only

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