Healing gathering with Ho’oponopono

Ho´oponopono is a strange word that comes from the Hawaian culture and can mean ‘to fix a mistake’ – it has been used for thousands of years in this part of the world to resolve conflict. 
The practice has been developed into a healing process that brings us close to miracles. This healing therapy unites psychology, quantum physics, philosophy and mystic that not only allows us to heal but also to develop our life’s path. Ho’oponopono proposes that all that we are are products of all the experiences that we have accumulated in our existencial existence on the material plane and that we can draw on an immense well of information. This information is the result of all the experiences we have had in our lives. The pain, pleasire, security, danger and the emotional responses we have in these moments. These responses are in our sub-concious. The lack of love in our lives hinders our ability to love. Often we love but in a very posessive way. We create relationships that are full of jealousy, we do’t allow our children to be themselves. 
These old beliefs are stored in the subconscious, which then re-emerge in our minds. We do not see people as they are, but we see through our memories and beliefs. Ho’oponopono, uses four powerful tools that can be used in several ways. Sorry, sorry, I love you, thanks.
When someone says something that we consider unjust, when we say something that bothers us, instead of answering, and try to convince our point of view and we are right, we can repeat the four phrases, I’m sorry, sorry, I love you and thanks a few times. Repetition of these words, with much energy, causes some surprising results.
More information www.institutoayurvedico.com (in the section on Ho’oponopono-notes)
What is the Ho’oponopono healing encounter?:
What is your greatest wish?
To what extent are you willing to receive it?
What’s stopping you?
Apart from being constantly working with the four energies of Ho’oponopono – I’m sorry, sorry, I love you, thank you – we create flexible phrases to help improve results.

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