Healing the healer

This article aims to bring readers of La Chispa an understanding of a Healing Arts system known as Sat Nam Rasayan, which will be taught for the first time in San Pedro early next year. The course teaches an ancient yogic healing system that uses only the consciousness to heal.
During the course the student learns how to recognise their conscious healing space, how to expand and also deconstruct this personal space and come back to it neutral, open and with an awareness that illness is nothing more than a limitation of this space. They learn how to transform it to change this feeling and remove these limitations, and in the process healing takes place.
Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing system that, during the healing process of the student, they also learn how to heal others, to remove the limitations that hold people back from living fully, without blockages. Eventually the student finds that teaching is an Art, the healer an artist and life is a process of understanding where we can transform any process, blockage or lack of awareness into something fluid and healing.
At the beginning, the rational mind has difficulty in understanding that the healing power of this ancient yogic healing system transforms any conflict or illness simply by maintaining a stable conscious space that is neutral, quiet and not distracted. It is in this place deep within each of us that the real healing space exists. In Sat Nam Rasayan disease remains because the patient holds on to conflicts. They don’t want to get rid of them as they define who they are. In yoga, that seeks unity with the only truth – the soul – suffering is an illusion. We interpret reality and make it real through our thoughts, using ideas that we have about things, but understanding through reasoning we never understand the spirit. 
Training starts in Marbella, January 2011

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