Heart of the Alpujarras: Cafe Baraka

Like many people in the Alpujarras, Qasim Barrio Raposa, was attracted to the area from his home in the north of Spain for its beauty and alternative community. Having turned Muslim he wanted to live in the countryside with other people like him, and Orgiva, with a well established Sufi community, was an obvious choice. Having already worked in restaurants in his native Bilbao, it was a natural step to open Café Baraka near the market square. Baraka instantly became a meeting place for the area’s diverse and colourful alternative community. As a Muslim, Qasim wanted the café to reflect this philosophy and so has a no smoking and no alcohol policy, while serving halal food with many vegetarian and vegan dishes. “There are so many different communities here in Orgiva,” Qasim said one busy market day. “There is the Buddhist centre, Sufi centre, Daime centre, as well as places like Beneficio and el Moreon and many retreat centres. Market day is a good day to see the true mix of the area as everyone comes into town.” Reflecting the growing interest in organic food, Qasim uses as much organic produce as possible in the dishes he prepares and supports the local producers of the area. “With four organic food shops in the village there is a thriving organic food scene,” Qasim said. “We try as much as possible to use locally sourced produce, and work with people like Las Torcas (an organic cooperative), Biospirit and Granadiet. Mainly though, our mission is to create a great atmosphere for people to meet and enjoy watching the world go by.”



Info: 958 785 894 www.teteria-baraka.com


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