How to choose the right massage bed

How to choose the right massage table?
A massage table (also known as massage bed or massage couch) is probably the most mportant equipment that a bodywork therapist will need to buy. Except of some oriental treatments, related to yoga, like Shiatsu and Thai massage, which are conducted on a mattress, most massage and beauty therapy will require the use of a massage table.
The first question will be for what kind of treatments do you need the massage table?
Most of the massage tables will cover the major therapy techniques but in some cases you may want to modify the model, for example, for Reflexology and Beauty Therapy you may ask for a table with an adjustable back rest.. For Osteopathy, Sport massage and Deep Tissue Massage you may prefer a firmer table with adjustable height. For Aromatherapy, Reiki or Relaxing Massage you may look for a wider soft table. 
The second question will be where are you going to give the bodywork?
If you plan to do mobile work then you will look for a lightweight,  portable massage table, mostly an ultra light aluminium bed or light wooden massage table or a combination of aluminium and wooden tensor. A good light massage table will weight up to 10kgs.  If you plan to work from home or from a massage salon then you will be better with a fixed, electronic or hydraulic table which are more solid then the portable ones and normally last longer.  If you plan to work mostly from home but from time to time to go and see a client at his home then you can choose a portable medium weight of 10kg – 15kg which is more solid then the ultra light massage table and can carry more components such as a back rest, adjustable height, face and arm rests. Ideally, you will purchase a solid bed for home and portable light bed for mobile work. 
What height should the massage portable or non portable table be?
The standard height of a massage table is 75 cm. To check for the right height of the massage table for you, simply make a fist and rest your hands at the side of your body. Your fists should reach the bed. If you are taller or shorter than average then you will need a specially made or adjustable height massage table. If more then one therapist will be working with the same massage table then an adjustable height massage table will be advisable. 
What will be the right width of the massage table?
Normally you can find massage tables of 60 to70 cm The wider the massage bed is the more solid and comfortable it is for the client, but it is also heavier. Therapists normally prefer the 70cm wide but if you are a short therapist you may find it easier to work with 60cm-65cm with separate arm rests.
Wooden or aluminium massages bed?
This is absolutely your own choice, people think that aluminium is lighter and more reliable but this is actually a misconception, a good quality wooden bed will be as light and reliable as the aluminium massage bed.
How much money should I spend on a massage table?
This is up to your budgets. A good portable massage table will cost between 250-500 euros. You are warned  from trying to buy a cheap table, some of them may look very nice on advertising but will not last long “cheap is expensive”. Also be aware of buying a second hand massage table, you may get stuck with no spare parts.
Lastly you would be advised to buy from a known company. We at the Mistiyan Academy for natural therapy are distributing in the Costa del Sol,  Ecopostural tables which are recommend for our ITEC students for the good quality, reasonable price and have 3 years guarantee. The Ecopostural tables which are manufactured in Spain are also made in a way that allows you to start  with a basic massage bed and  add components and accessories in the future so it give you the flexibility which other models are lacking.
Alon Meshel
Director of Mistiyan

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