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This February, Arnaud Maitland will be presenting for the first time in Spain Kum Nye Yoga and his book "Living Without Regret". Kum Nye (Tibetan Yoga) is natural healing teaching based on the ancient medical practices and spirituality of the East. Kum Nye uses breathing exercises, postures, movements, massage and mantras. These techniques relieve stress, increase energy and help us learn how to live our human experience in a more balanced and satisfying way, from the appreciation and understanding of oneself. In Kum Nye it is important to realize that, besides being a bony structure that houses the nervous, circulatory and respiratory systems, the body is an energy system that is closely related to the subtle energy of breathing. Inactivity of body and mind can cause energy to stagnate and creates a breeding ground for diseases. In an active body, it is less likely that tension blocks the energy flow. Physical activity when done with total concentration and less thought is a
healing method in itself. Kum Nye was brought to the West by Tibetan Lama Tulku Tarthang. Arnaud Maitland has been a direct student of Lama Tarthang Tulku since 1976. He holds a Masters degree in Philosophy and Psychology of Tibetan Buddhism from Berkeley California and since the 1980s has presented many international conferences and retreats on Tibetan Yoga Kum Nye and meditation. He himself says: "We all have wounds that serve as engines of life. We have suffered actual conflicts that are linked to those wounds, but we must get rid of them. That’s one of the reasons why we practice this method of healing called Kum Nye: these tensions are in the body, and if you move smoothly and incorporate the feeling of relaxation and gradually the breathing, the flow of all that blocked energy will start again."
Free book presentation on February 12 in Malaga
Kum Nye seminars on 13th and 14th February (donation)
Bogumila & Lutz Dausend
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