Magic Encounters with the Galactic Woman

La Chispa: Why have you changed your name Rosa Faith Temple of Wisdom Women Galactic?  
Rosa Fe: our birthname is not given to us by chance, it is linked to our personal history, and as one evolves spiritually and clears one’s karma the energy vibration is also evolving and this can require a change of name to reflect that development
La Chispa: Can you tell us something about the path of evolution?  
Rosa Fe:When the ‘Christ’ particle awakes and for the first time really  "SEE" we can get very ill and need a great healing, a healing that comes from the strength and power of the Christ-fire that lies within us. So my first big awakening was painful, "a rebirthing", as I became aware of my illness. My second awakening was taking responsibility for my Karma, my own illness at different levels and to begin to heal, "the road of a thousand miles begins with one step." My third great awakening was the discovery that the illness, suffering, blockages, and pain have deep roots and do not belong to this life. The problems that manifest themselves in the "here and now" have not been done in this life, but in past lives, and their memory leads us to relapse and stay on the wheel of karma. When you enter the process of releasing past lives, it was absolutely necessary to have the support and energy of great illuminated guides, who have already experienced this. This process is known as "The Dark Night of the Soul" finally seeing through that thick veil of ignorance of past lives. As they say – just before dawn the night is at its darkest. 
La Chispa: What would you say to a student who wants to take steps and evolve?  
Rosa Fe: People should not hide from their circumstances, and understand that the law of life always brings us what we need at any given time to evolve, when you feel the call and the desire of our "BEING" to shine again. One of the most important and greatest barriers we face is the "I WANT AND I DO NOT WANT" that belongs to the veil of ignorance, because if we dare to look further we can discover that behind adversity and our personal circumstance there is a great source of Abundance of Wisdom and Light.
La Chispa: How can you help a student in the process of evolution?
Rosa Fe: It’s actually my "Higher Self" "Light, Wisdom and Love" who helps, I simply allow the energy to pass through me, I channel, and its wisdom is so precise that it knows what it has to do. I use the tools of my personalized therapies, with CDs of workshops, with the meditations that I lead, the centers of wisdom for self-remembrance, and many other things that offer help to relieve Karmas and make connections and build awareness; teaching students to learn to align with their "Higher Self", the great healer.

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