Make Coín a GM free zone

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Dear Mayor of Coín:
We are writing to you (the mayor) to request that Coín takes action against GM foods in agriculture and food. The best way for regions to protect their agriculture and nature against the risks of GM crops is to declare the area ‘a GM free zone’

All of the opinion polls give a clear indication that the public are against the introduction of GM food into their agriculture and food supply. There has also been a petition signed by more than 450 professionals, consumer organisations, agriculturists and ecologists in favour of developing sustainable agriculture.  

10 years after their introduction, GM foods have yet to live up to their promises. They have not increased the yields, or improved the quality of  our food, nor benfitted the environment or contributed to solving the problems of hunger in the world. In fact, on the contrary, in the main GM producing countries there have been a number of problems associated with this kind of agriculture. In Europe their cultivation was stopped in  1998 but lifted in 2004, and in recent years some countries have taken measures to stop their cultivation completely. Austria, Italy, Greece, Hungary, POland and France, and in fact Spain is the only country to be producing GM crops on a commercial scale.  In this context Coín in Transition considers that to protect our culture, environment, local economy and a healthy agriculture, we must have the right to decide whether GM crops are cultivated in our area or not.
We are requesting that the council of Coin takes part in the following meeting:
Friday July 23 at 6pm in the Convent of Santa Maria where experts in the field of GM crops with help from various organisations will explain the situation in Málaga and give us the chance to declare Coin free from GM crops. 
Attendees MUST confirm by email  to: o en el teléfono 618363501

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