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This issue we take another look at Natura Málaga, the eco-fair organised by the Palacio de Congreso on May 14 – 16. Now that the event is nearly with us, we can look at some of the stalls you can expect to find there and some of the events that will be taking place during the weekend. This will be updated regularly on their web site and by the time the event arrives will be a comprehensive weekend of eco-holistic living with something for everyone.


Natura Málaga represents the eco movement that is growing in the province of Málaga, giving its residents the opportunity to experience first hand some of the products and services that are available to cater to these increasing demands for a more sustainable and ecological approach to our welfare and our planet. Last year the organic certification body CAAE reported a 64% growth in purchases of its products, clearly indicating the growing strength of interest. The fair will not be only about ‘green’ issues though, rather it aims to incorporate a holistic approach, recognising that ecology, healthy living, personal development and quality of life are all interconnected. Visitors can expect to find stalls representing all these categories and more – from aromatherapy to zen, there will be a wide range of products to buy, therapies to try and workshops to experience. There will be information about organic food, and a market for people to buy direct from the producers. There will be plenty of craft stalls for gifts and decorating the home, natural cosmetics for other natural products as well as spiritual teachers for those looking for inspiration, and centres for courses and classes. The event also incorporates the IV Yoga Congress, previously held in Marbella, which will be a feast for yoga lovers with classes, talks and workshops throughout the weekend. Ramiro Calle, Violeta Arribas, Surinder Singh, Swami Suryananda, Moacir Tadeu, Jorge Lomar, Marizte Martins Da Silva and Víctor Flores are some of the professionals, national and international that will be attending the congress giving conferences and talks about the latest developments in the field of yoga and meditation.

Ramiro Calle, Violeta Arribas, Surinder Singh, Swami Suryananda, Moacir Tadeu, Jorge Lomar, Marizte Martins Da Silva o Víctor Flores son algunos de los nombres de los expertos –nacionales e internacionales- vinculados al campo del crecimiento personal y el bienestar que se darán cita en el congreso a través de conferencias y mesas redondas donde darán a conocer las últimas novedades en terapias de relajación, meditación y yoga.
La Chispa will be there too and we’d like to welcome you on to our stand for a cup of tea and a chat about how we can develop Málaga as a more sustainable province dedicated to natural living and ecology. 
We’ll also be enjoying the tasty treats from our friend Ana, who will be there with her famous home made food that has been so popular at our Chispa festivals. If you don’t make it to the feria, she can be found every day at the central Málaga market, Ataranzanas. Having been housed in temporary premises for the past two years the market is due to return to its original and beautifully restored location at the end of April. Just off Alameda, the market is at the heart of Málaga’s shopping district and Ana has been running her stall there, Ana Port u Salud, for the past 3 years. With over 30 years experience working with healthy food, Ana knows how to make fantastic home made cakes, breads, pizzas that taste great and are as good and natural as you can get. The stall is packed with home made jams, salads, fresh herbs and many more mouth watering delights and shoppers can be sure that everything is as fresh and locally sourced as possible. “I work with a number of small producers round where I live,” Ana told me over coffee and cake at the stall. “They are all working in organic and natural farming, so what doesn’t come from my own garden I am sure I know the origins of everything I use.”



A walk round Alternative Málaga can certainly whet the appetite, so now readers know where to stop off for some snacks along the way.  
Artesano Marcelo y Ana 617 027 976


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