Massage therapy

Massage: the manipulation of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function of those tissues and promote relaxation and well-being. Therapeutic massage can ease tension and reduce pain. Massage can be a part of physical therapy or practiced on its own. It can also be highly effective for reducing the symptoms of arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other disorders of the muscles and/or nervous system.
Massage in the Treatment of Back Pain
Back pain is one of the most common ailments, and in the US is second only to the common cold for days off work.
Neck & Shoulder Pain: One of the most common causes of neck and shoulder tension is long term stress. Tension in the neck and shoulders can greatly restrict movement of the head, and when acute, can lead to headaches, loss of sleep, and a sciatic-like pain in the arms and numbness in the fingers. How stiff is your neck…if you have difficulty looking over your shoulder when reversing your vehicle, then you need to have this problem alleviated. Clinical massage such as deep tissue, sports & physiotherapy, release this soft tissue tension through manipulation techniques. Other causes are include whiplash injuries, sports injuries, work related tensions such as working at computers, hairdressers and so on.
Lower Back Pain: Though there are many causes to lower back pain, vertebral problems, especially to the lumbar, sacrum and coccyx, cause soft tissue tension (muscle, tendon, ligament) which in acute states lead to poor mobility, pain, sciatica, and numbness in the lower torso extremities. In more extreme cases it may lead to disc problems (slip, prolapse, herniated) and can be affected by arthritis.
Fusion Massage, developed by Michael Izon, incorporates techniques used in physiotherapy, and massage styles such as sports, deep tissue, Swedish, aromatherapy, Thai, Shiatsu & reflexology, and also Reiki which in combination has been shown to be highly effective in releasing back pain, without direct spinal manipulation. A free 15 minute consultation includes biomechanical and postural analysis to determine cause as well as effect. Determining the cause of the problem allows the design of a treatment to go to the root of the problem, and not just ease the symptoms which prescribed tablets and corticosteroid injections do.
“Most people come to see me when their back pain has reached acute proportions, and the pain killers and anti-inflammatories, prescribed by the doctor, are becoming ineffective,” Mike explained. “Easing of the problem is often painful and uncomfortable, and although release is usually immediate, can take a number of sessions (up to 6 over 3 months) to fully release, and may also require a number of sessions with a chiropractor.” Mike continued, “If people came in for massage when first symptoms started to occur e.g. neck stiffness, ache in the lower back, then one massage every 4 – 8 weeks just for routine maintenance, would prevent at least 90% of acute, debilitating back problems.”

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