Money meltdown

If you look even briefly at the economic situation, no amount of world cup medals can hide the fact that Spain, and many other countries around the world are teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. As all money is loaned into existence, the whole system depends on continuous growth to repay the interest, but as this requirement meets the reality of a finite planet we are starting to see the unravelling of this precarious house of cards. Quite where this will end up is a speculative exercise that depends on your viewpoint – new world order, financial meltdown (again), collapse of society, brave new world. As the wheels continue to turn, though, I have always been a big believer in putting your money where your mouth is, whether that be the euro I spend at the organic farmers’ market, or the money I save with Triodos, and ethical and socially responsible bank.

We have real power when we start realising that where we spend our money has a profound effect on society, and even that we can start our own local currencies as the Transition group has done in Coín. Add in to this equation companies like Maderas Nobles (see page 2), a company that for the last ten years has been offering people the chance to make investments directly into sustainable and organic woodlands and offers reasonable returns on their maturity and makes valid claims that their business model benefits everyone – the investors, the environment and society through the creation of socially responsible businesses, proving that there are alternative economic models for a viable future.

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