More than a million green jobs more by 2020

In 2009 Green Workers made up 2.62% of the workforce in Spain, some 530 thousand people. In the last decade the sector has grown by 235% and according to the Environment Ministry could increase to over a million workers in the next decade.
20.6% of the Green workforce is concentrated in Renewables.. a workforce that is thirty times larger now than in 1998. The three regions with the greatest number of Green employees are: Cataluña – 93,669, Andalucia – 91,517 and Madrid 62,494.
According to the report, the main developing areas are "fields of information technology and communication, rehabilitation and sustainable building, sustainable tourism, specific activities related to mitigating or adapting to climate change, sustainable transport and mobility, the economics of biodiversity, agro-energy crops, the eco-efficient automotive and industrial ecology."
In contrast the econominc crisis has had a devastating effect on employment in Spain: 2009 ended with unemployment at 18.83% and that the figure is expected to go over 20% this year.
Organisations such as Vida Sana run all sorts of programmes (with European Social Fund backing) – information in Spanish –  


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