Mystic India

Whenever we travel to far off places we always learn something about ourselves. An intensity full of hidden uncertainties looking to the horizon for answers. More than most, India fulfills this experience. A mix of passion, adventure and profound nostalgia. The colours, the people the diversity and the never ending commitment to life in all its shapes but also death as a symbol of reberth, conciusness, and inspiration that provokes a striking and profound inner call. India is a place where the spiritual is directly connected with society, education, philosophy, physical disciplines, art, music and religion. A trip to India is to be in the heart of life and to revel in the manifestations of the spiritual intensity in all its possible manifestations. So many ways to understand the reality of the world, different ways of developing ideas, divergant philosophies and opposite opinions all come together in this intense country with enormous harmony all unified under the same mother.

"When you want something that´s really important, it is not enough to reason, you must also touch the heart. The mind can find reason but you can only reach the heart through suffering. This is the key to understanding the inner man. Suffering and not swords are the symbol of human beings." This phrase from Ghandi contains the essence of the Indian subcontinent.This is the India of non-violence, bare foot and open handed people, where truth lives beyond the interest of the individual, where ego is released with the smoke of burning incense, India that lives in extreme contradictions and doesn´t fear death. The inner journey is a long way down a dark road, a path from which you return transformed, and India offers a comforting place to awake the joy of fulfillment. The great journey that is our personal history found in the streets and temples of India or in the wide eyes of the begging children. The adventure to find the truth, the infinite, the absolute. More than anywhere else the history of India is full of people of all types asking existencial questions. Looking to meet a master, but who to look for? Many don’t meet anyone, some meet fake gurus and others return having found a master for life in their heart. A trip to India fills the senses with its diversity. Add to this all that India brings with its excesses, without notion of right or wrong and without doubt an exercise in great mysticism, it takes us to the centre of an ongoing spiral of experiences. India shows us our shadows while playing in her own light, with the strength she gains from the colours, songs, dances and smiles. It´s a childrens game, a strange call to a sacred life, a place that leaves an impression forever. India has a profound effect and with each step reminds us who we are.


Mayte Criado (Madâlasâ)
Escuela Internacional de Yoga
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