Non-duality – meeting in Satsang

The word ‘Non-duality’ points to the non-existence of separation. The illusion of separation is at the root of all suffering. In reality there are no separate objects that we call people. No ‘inside’ separate from ‘outside’. No ‘me’ separate from ‘you’. No seeker separate from what is sought. There is only life, appearing as everything. Only no-thing manifesting everywhere. Only oneness, playing at being a world.

But there is nobody pulling the strings. No person in control. No ‘individual’ separate from life itself. No wave separate from the ocean.

And so there is nothing to find, because nothing was ever lost. You are already home, and have always been. And somewhere beyond thought, somewhere beyond time, you have always known this. Life is seen with brand new eyes. This is awakening.

Satsangs are meetings that support this process of waking up from the dream of separation. Beyond the words spoken in Satsang, something else is happening, and it’s too extraordinary to talk about. These meetings aren’t really meetings at all: they are bonfires, in which all the questions of the mind unravel and burn up, leaving only the wonder of what is. Actually, nothing can be said about this burning, because even the attempt to talk about the burning burns up in this!

And yet, words continue to come, and life continues to unfold, and it’s quite clear that we are not in control of this astonishing dream world, and that we are constantly being embraced by Oneness, in each and every moment, from cradle to grave, and beyond…

If you want to discover what this means to you, you can attend the meetings that will be happening in June and July. In June Moni & Tomas, who are sharing Satsang with the blessing of Eckhart Tolle, will be coming over from Canada to offer evening meetings and 2 day-long Satsangs. And in July you can attend open meetings as well as an intensive residential retreat with Jeff Foster, who shares his direct experience of ‘Non-duality’ with people all over the world and has published various books, his most recent called ‘An extraordinary absence’. All meetings are spoken in English and translated in Spanish.

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