Noni – Building blocks to health

Tahitian Noni was launched in Spain just four years ago but has made a significant impact already, adding to the company’s impressive worldwide growth, even during the recession. When many companies are cutting back, Tahitian Noni International (TNI) have invested heavily in product development and relaunched with new packaging and, in Spain, a completely new range of products.
“These products have been available elsewhere,” explained Yasmin Bernad, a local distributor. “But TNI wanted to make sure all the paperwork was 100% correct before bringing them to Spain.” The new range includes cosmetics, noni for animals and weight management products. The original noni juice has been scientifically researched to prove that it has health benefits and Yasmin explained that it is more than just a healthy juice. “We now call it a bioactive beverage,” Yasmin continued. “Noni acts as an adaptagen, helping the body to rebalance itself to be more healthy. It also contains iridoids which make it a really medicinal plant as they have pharmaceutical properties.” The noni juice of TNI is 100% natural and the company control the entire process from tree to bottle, making sure that quality is maintained from start to finish. TNI are so confident about the quality of the product and the benefits that it can bring that they offer a 250,000$ prize to anyone who can prove that their juice has the same properties. With the launch of the new range and new look the company are expecting to attract a lot of new customers as people become more aware of the benefits of preventative health care, and take responsibility for their health into their own hands. “I always think of it like a car,” Yasmin concluded. “You put oil into the car before it breaks down not after. Noni is like the oil for the body – take it to keep the body running in top gear.”
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