Quality of Life: Stop the Rust and Rot

Right from day one we start to rust and rot until finally we decay, and then depart. How do we cope with this? How do we keep oxygenated – free from damaging inflammation and dangerous free radicals causing heart and circulatory problems, diabetes, stomach disorders, aches and pains?

Our health detectives dive into some life style changes that can make a difference. How quickly can you make progress? It doesn’t just depend on the physical but also on mental, personal and spiritual balance.

A 62 year old man came to the clinic with a strong desire to get healthy. He was clear about his own situation and boredom was his worst enemy. Anxiety and depression was pulling him down. He found himself with too much time on his hands to worry about the future – family life, business, and also too much time for drinking. He was tired but could not sleep, and he was developing joint pains. He claimed he had no good days anymore, and he wanted to be able to take action, to be in charge of his own life again and get back in shape. “By chance I picked up a copy of La Chispa and came across the article by Dr. Pernille Knudtzon describing a client with a similar condition to mine,” he continued. “I was intrigued to find out more about Live Blood Analysis.”

Visiting our Health Clinic

His Personal Health Profile indicated a comprehensive blood test as well as Live Blood Examination was necessary. The blood test showed a low red blood cell count, vitamin deficiencies, high cholesterol and liver counts. A high level of uric acid in his body was the reason for the joint pain in his feet, giving him gout, and showed acidity due to a very low alkaline reserve in the body. These results indicated a worn out and stressed system lacking nutrients and vitamins. The Live Blood Examination revealed excess acidity in the tissue, and the red blood cells were too packed together – they were being lazy in their important job of transporting oxygen to every cell in the body. Liver congestion showed up as well indicating fermenting taking place in his body.

Personal Health Plan

As he was very active and felt uncomfortable not having much to do, he felt good about getting into the game of how he could stop the rust and rot treadmill and get healthy as fast as possible. One of his main motivators for changing his diet was taste, as long as the food tasted good, he would try it. We had to be creative in coming up with tailor made alkaline recipes to explore, and he liked them and wanted more. The plan was to first hydrate his body, then alkalize and cleanse on several levels. At 95 kg he needed a lot of water to keep his body fit. He slowly built up to four litres of balanced alkaline water a day. As his body became better hydrated, he felt better. We did not tell him to stop drinking, but he found that his ‘Vital Tonic’, a virgin Bloody Mary, with stimulating spices in alkaline juice was a good substitute for the wine. Besides taking a lot of vitamins, minerals and physical treatments, we also worked on his state of mind. To make profound lifestyle changes there needs to be a connection to the feelings in order to engage the drive mechanism for motivation. He felt like the millions of anxious butterflies in his stomach were being directed and focused to fly in the same direction, which made him stronger. After three weeks he was shining. He lost weight, his cold hands and feet had warmed up, and ten days without alcohol had made him feel great. He found his mind working again – it wasn’t just throwing up problems and obstacles, he started getting proactive ideas again. This change happened fast, showing that someone motivated and committed to a plan can make radical and quick changes. Where your focus and attention go, so does your energy flow. His focus and attention had been drawn in a ‘not healthy’ direction, but fortunately he was able to ask for help and had chosen to get out of the trap and back on road.

To further this fast track to health he attended a one day retreat at our health farm. We did Live Blood Examination in the morning followed by intense relaxation and deep cleansing. During the day we did an extensive lifestyle interview, reflexology, acupuncture, inhalation of powerful antioxidants, intravenous cleansing and alkalizing supported by amino acids, minerals, lots of different vitamin Bs and essential fats. We added strong vitamin D supplements to support the heart and circulation system and also to support him to get out of his depression. We made up a special ‘super green’ powder to help him alkalize quicker.

As he had always needed to be active and creative to feel good we tried to get him to experience the benefits of deep relaxation treatments. He found this hard and realized it was one of his challenges, but as the Live Blood Examination at the end of the day showed massive improvements in such a short space of time, he was even more motivated to keep going to the next step. He knew he would benefit from balancing his active and passive sides, and paid attention as to how he could be focused and relaxed at the same time – doing nothing. At his next check-up though, he had been out eating and drinking too much and he felt terrible. In a way, he said, it was a good lesson, because he felt so awful that he would not do it again. He had a very strong “away-from” motivation. We all have different strategies to get motivated. Some like the carrot, to ‘go for the good’ while some like the stick and ‘run from the bad’. He liked the carrot and the stick! Our client concluded that “I now have a new lease of life and feel great and feel enthusiastic about work again. I’m glad I picked up that magazine.”

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