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A lady came to the clinic with tiredness, arthritis, concentration, weight and digestive problems and a weak immune system. She was in bed for 10 hours a night and was still exhausted. She had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), the name given to a variably debilitating disorder generally defined by persistent fatigue unrelated to exertion and not substantially relieved by rest, and accompanied by various symptoms – for a minimum of six months. We are told that the cause of CFS is currently unknown and there is no diagnostic laboratory test or biomarker. As Health Detectives though we always try and find the root causes of these complex conditions.
Our client had a lot of stress during her life, moving around the world first with her family as a child then with her husband. She managed to have good friends to alleviate the strain, but ten years ago she suffered a major shock as her relationship ended, her daughter became ill, she lost her home and job. She more or less gave up and things got worse until eventually she was diagnosed with CFS – the health care system didn’t seem to help much and only in the last couple of years had she found comfort and strength through practicing meditation. 
The physical
Our initial examinations revealed a lot of information. In her Live Blood analysis stress related sugar could be seen in the blood in the shape of the red blood cells and collection of yeast particles; the cells were aggregating in ‘rouleaux’-formation indicating latent tissue acidosis, and a lot of waste products indicated stagnation and liver stress. In blood and urine tests her alkaline-acid buffer capacity balance indicated too much acidity in her body and that all alkaline were minerals low, there was high cholesterol, low B-12 vitamin and severe lack of D-vitamin. Her digestive channel was not working properly; she had constipation and diarrhea, and felt bloated and gained weight. She had trouble eating anything more than soups, and she has earlier been diagnosed with a rare parasite, blastocystis hominis, and felt drained. She had arthritis in her hands, back and knees, and her feet were hurting with flat forefeet and hammertoes. She had to wear insoles – but they were not easing the pain from walking. Cold hand and feet were part of her daily life.
Emotional stress
Going through her Personal Health Profile it rapidly became clear that the stress was not only physical but also personal. A lot of emotional issues were burdening her and she was depressed. Emotional issues were causing her to worry and while good in company, on her own she didn’t cope well. She knew it was time to learn how to regain personal energy and to love herself in another way. 

Making progress
There was a lot to be done and as she was highly motivated we did a concentrated program, though very soft and slowly, because she was so exhausted and drained. The diet we made was alkaline and mainly steamed as her digestive system was very fragile. She had soups, porridges, purees and juices in the beginning to allow the nutrients to pass easily into the intestine membrane and into to the blood stream. Sweet fruits and sugar were left out. Intravenous minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fats, antioxidant and herbal detoxification were administered together with injections of B and D-vitamins to fill the gap quickly and improve the cleansing. Intermediate blood test and Live Blood examinations helped us to guide the program. She also inhaled powerful antioxidants and her blood was oxygenated by ozone therapy. To help her cleansing and restoration she had a tailor made program of reflexology, massage, lymphatic drainage, bioheat, body-balancing, relaxation, soft trampoline jumping for the lymphatic system and acupuncture. As we work as a health team she had a chiropractor to adjust her joints and specially work on her feet. 
Personal Coaching
As we had to deal with major emotional issues we started working to clarify her personal story – putting some of the events in a different perspective. She had some tough limiting beliefs about herself that had made her give up previously. When we talked about her future wishes and dreams, the screen was blank. Using NLP coaching she managed to get back in her own driving seat. As she easily drifted “out of herself” she benefitted from grounding, concentration and balancing exercises. She started to design her own future in a new way. She felt more grounded and happy, her eyes started sparkling again and she was more often finding herself humming a tune. Slowly she gained more energy, although with ups and downs because of the accumulation of toxins and the effect of detoxification. As her feet got better she started going for walks again. A new blood test showed cholesterol in the normal range and improvements in the alkaline minerals. The Live Blood analysis improved a lot – the cells were free, moving and membranes stronger, while the influence from sugar disappeared and her weight started going down. Our client explained her experiences with us in her own words: “I found out that negative thoughts and emotions have a very acidifying effect on the body – this was a major discovery for me, and probably a large part of my problem. I resolved to stop complaining and try to see things in a more positive way from now on. I wrote, thought and talked a lot about my life and beliefs, some of which were very limiting, and got a new perspective on them. Dr. Pernille and the health team were amazingly kind, supportive and encouraging as well as fun to work with. I had helpful discussions, assignments and feedback sessions as well as great treatments. I felt cared for, nurtured and had a general sense that my health was improving all the time.”
The next step was to bring more and more solid food into her diet, to continue alkalizing, to maintain and expand her stability and strength. The next step for her is to get Time Line Therapy to clear up the rest of her emotional burdens. We also want to apply a more advanced test for neurotransmitters, adrenal glandule and stress hormone levels to see how these are functioning. Our client had the final word about her progress, “I intend to stick to the diet and principles I have learned for coping with stress when I go home, to further improve and then maintain my overall health. I have some good goals and a better understanding of what it takes to be in good health”
She would certainly have got inspiration from the following quote: “Get the best out of the good –and avoid the bad in the best way”  Seelegaweshi, Sri Lankan Buddhist monk
Being a Health Detective it is a pleasure to make a “difference that makes a difference” in another person’s life.
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