Rahasya – the mystery of the stones

Rahasya was born in 1996, when Ferrán Martinez visited India in search of spiritual awakening, marking a turning point in his life, when he discovered the beautiful work of crafting semi-precious stones into fine jewellery and wanted to bring pieces back to his new age shop in Barcelona. Rahasya means mystery in Sanskrit, and while the shop is no more but his work with jewellery continues as Ferrán now supplies other shops as a wholesaler and has recently moved his entire business to Málaga. “Although this is a business, my aim is to bring some of the quality and spirit of India to my work,” Ferrán explained in his office in Málaga. “I understand that the semi precious stones have many healing properties and I always look for the best quality to enhance their effects.” Having been importing from India for over 10 years, Ferrán has an excellent relationship both with his team in India and with his customers in Spain. Rahasya mainly sells the stones, pendants and symbols made from silver, that are its trademark and that are stocked by many new age shops and herboristerias throughout Spain. They work with over 60 quality stones for which they are well known including lapis, tiger’s eye, turquoise and quartz, and Rahasya now works with the ‘new generation’ of stones including Moldovite, kunzite, tiffany and pietersite. Rahasya’s latest enterprise is a line of ‘fashion’ jewellery designed to bring the power and beauty of semi precious stones to a new audience.


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