Reference Point Therapy

An Explanation of how Reference Point Therapy works at the deepest level of Physical Being.
Quantum physics has had great impact on our understanding of Biology in recent years. It explains how we can heal and make changes on a physical level. The books ‘Biology of Belief’ by Bruce Lipton and ‘Molecules of Emotion’ by Candace Pert explain how we function as emotional beings even at a molecular level, enabling us to heal and change despite the regulation of our DNA.
Single celled organisms move towards food and away from danger so they have a sense of pleasure/pain even without a brain. Think about the human egg or sperm inside the woman or man. There is no brain but feelings may be easily absorbed for periods of time even before conception. Another excellent book is ‘Feelings buried Alive Never Die’ by Karol Truman. She traces the route of feelings we have before birth to the perceptions of a child, then the beliefs systems of an adult and mentions many cases of people who traced their emotions back to an initial sensitising incident and healed them.
The DVD, ‘The Living Matrix’ shows a scientific experiment to monitor reactions to images, either pleasant or horrific. These images are generated at random by a computer. The experiment shows that the first part of us to react is always the heart. It has neurons just like the brain, however, it understands with feelings. These feelings are then transferred to the brain by neurotransmitters to help it to interpret the images sent via the eyes. We cannot ignore the importance of our feelings and the impact that they have on our understanding of people and situations in our world.
At birth our feelings may be pleasant, feeling safe and secure and loved or they may be fearful from a difficult birth, from a pregnancy of stress or pain. Certain key stages in the development of the foetus may also impact on feelings and the progress of its development. For example at the point of conception, there may have been very negative angry energies from the sperm or egg i.e. absorbed from the father or mother. Grant McFetridges’ work ‘Peak States of Consciousness’ details many key points that may cause trauma in the foetus or baby, limiting its future consciousness and abilities. Simon Rose was inspired by this research to create ‘Reference Point Therapy’. RPT uses these key points and the peak states of being to release the vibrations that precede trauma and to promote instant healings. Examples can be seen on or witnessed in the demonstrations at our workshops.
Feelings determine how we perceive the world. Our perceptions guide our building of a belief system i.e. who we are, and how the world is. By the laws of attraction, this in turn creates our reality. Then the feelings that we already have are stimulated by our experiences and our thoughts/beliefs to create E-Motions. Now think back to your ancestors and how they were brought into the world. Any strong emotions experienced by them in their lifetime created energy that probably carried through via your DNA into your life. By releasing this negative energy, you are freed from the constraints of your ancestors. Natural Nutrition also traces disease back through the ancestral line. Treatments using RPT clearly show that by releasing the traumatic feelings passed down through generations, it enables the body to heal and renew itself in a rapid way.
A recent student had this to say:
“I found RPT a wonderful progression from Theta Healing. It enables me to identify important emotional issues down the family line gently without subjecting the client to emotional trauma. Working with RPT is a natural flow uninterrupted by muscle testing.  Issues can be cleared with or without the clients knowledge [always for their highest good] This enables you to combine it with any holistic therapy to enhance your work & enable your client to leave not only with a sense of well being but feeling calm and at peace with themselves. RPT is not a substitute for Theta Healing but an essential tool to heighten your awareness and ability”.
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