Responsarbolidad: 3 x 1

The market economy does not value living forests, but instead values the profits that lead to their destruction. The destruction is so brutal that we can best understand it with these three simple facts:
Every second one acre of forest disappears.
38,000 hectares go in a day.
In one year 13,700,000 acres of forest, equivalent to the size of Greece.
Yet there is still over 4,000 million hectares of forest, covering 1/3 planet and providing habitat to between 50 and 90% of all species worldwide. As is often the case it would seem that it is impossible to destroy everything, but the truth is that 300 years ago there was exactly twice as much forest. The project ResponsARBOLidad exists to explore the solution – taking action to support the amazing diversity of tree species, waterways and the vital structure of the environment.
If everyone planted and cared for at least three trees each year, in 10 years the world could compensate the loss of trees from deforestation suffered in recent years. This does not repair everything, because the balance and biodiversity in forests is much more complex, but it would be a good start. China leads the world in reforestation programmes, with a highly effective national program that has planted two and a half times more trees in recent years than the rest of the world put together. The plant a third more trees per year than is harvested throughout Brazil, the most deforested country in the world.
The Chinese programme is very simple: 3 x 1, which means that everyone between the ages of 11 to 60, have to plant and maintain 3 trees a year.
Are we inspired to do the same?

Responsarbolidad = action = 3×1 

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