‘ResponsARBOLidad’ – new concepts in sustainability

ResponsARBOLidad’ is not a new term from the Royal Spanish Academy, nor does it even appear in their dictionary. But it does exist and is a term that has a 10 year history. If we say responsARBOLidad, we are saying one thing: ACTION.
‘ResponsARBOLidad’ is a new concept that is required as a response to the challenges of our time: environmental sustainability based on the intelligent use of resources and ecosystems and the respect for the natural world. Wood is a renewable resource that can be held in high esteem, transmitting to future generations, through the symbolic and real longevity of trees, the values of thrift and perseverance and an awareness of a commitment to ourselves and our communities: eco-solidarity.
"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." this statement made by Edmund Burke (1729-1797) can be used today as an expression against conformity and resignation. We, the human species, as a member of this ship called earth that sails through the universe, have the burden and responsibility of our conscience and intellect, not only to not destroy the ship, but even more to repair the wrongs we have done. There is still time, but climate change is not speculation, it is a reality that continues to grow. ‘ResponsARBOLidad’, is an action to counter climate change, the environmental crisis and the forestry situation.
This new concept was created by Maderas Nobles de la Sierra de Segura, giving a name to a campaign to enable people and businesses to offset their CO² emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. The campaign offers emissions estimates, advice to reduce these emissions and then a programme of tree planting to compensate.
‘ResponsARBOLidad’ aims, through the participation of individuals and businesses, to create a green barrier, planting 100 million trees in the Iberian peninsula, restoring native forests, controlling desertification, and countering climate change, through absorption CO² that all these trees make possible.

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