So – what’s ‘Next’…?

An increasing number of people aged 50 and over are asking themselves this question, and the good news is that there is a ‘Next’. People born into the Baby Boom Generation know there were many social and economic changes that led them to grow up believing the world was their oyster and life a supermarket. 
This generation saw what they liked, knew what they wanted and took it – sometimes without much thought about the consequences of their actions. It became easy to get a job or change one. Often it was a question of, ‘What do I want to do today? What do I feel like doing now?’ There were real ‘lifestyle’ choices too – and, for the first time, for women – and people could live where, how and with whom they wanted.
Today, the world is a different place. Although people feel the same inside the mirror says differently. Although life experiences is greater employers often don’t want older people, skills as parents are honed but the but the kids have long gone, and it becomes easy to spend time dwelling in the past or dreaming of a seemingly unattainable future but taking no action in the present. Some stand at a crossroads with one foot pinned to the floor and the other flailing about desperately. Some are down-shifting. Some are talking about retirement or have already retired. Some have forgotten who they were, but never known who they really are. Some are fulfilled – some completely lost.
Most people don’t give much thought to planning their retirement – in fact many prefer not to think about it at all until it’s upon them. It can seem scary and unreal as people sense the potential for a vast space opening up before them. But no matter one’s age or lifestyle, income or interests, spending some time preparing and planning the future will only pay dividends.
If you’re ready to retire from a career, the next step could be a span of years equal to an entire working life, too much time to fill with 24/7 leisure. And way too much time to approach without preparation – that’s where 2Young2Retire can help. 2Young2Retire was created and developed by an American couple, Howard and Marika Stone, who retired from their separate careers only to find themselves champing at the bit to do something ‘meaningful’ with their time. They built a community of like-minded people and helped get them started on new careers, many in the voluntary field but mostly with some form of remuneration. They were repeatedly asked to teach others their methods and ideas, and before they knew it they found themselves ‘working’ again, and loving it. Their enthusiasm has since crossed the borders and 2Y2R Facilitators now help and support people in their own communities all over the world.
Participating in the courses helps people move forward more meaningfully into the next phase of their life and contribute actively in the longevity revolution. Together they look at emotional, spiritual, relationship, community, volunteering and travel aspects, as well as the leisure, wellness and money issues around retirement. 
2Young2Retire Course Facilitator – Jean Gilhead
Jean Gilhead is also available for promotional talks on supporting the transition from pre- to post-retirement.
These are economically challenging times for everyone, and more than ever we need to support each other however we can.  To make it as easy as possible to receive regular Reconnection Healing and Balancing sessions, I’m offering 4 x sessions for the price of 3 if paid up front – this represents a a 25% discount.  
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