Some green tips for around the home

There are many things we can do at home to help reduce carbon emissions and water consumption. There are products that help, but mostly it is a matter of simply changing habits. It may feel awkward at first, but will become a natural, everyday part of your life sooner than you think.


Here are some little gestures that can make a big difference:


RecycleRe-use shopping bags and packaging. Look before you throw anything away! In the bottom of all packages you will see the recycling symbol and in the number of times it can be reused.


Save waterThe 4 gallons of water wasted while waiting for a shower to get hot, is perfect for watering the plants! You can also reduce your water consumption in the shower by up to 45% with our EcoCamel Shower Head.


Save energyOn a regular basis give the back of your fridge a good clean out, either with a hoover or duster (that’s outside, not in!)  Just by keeping this dust free you can save up to 30% on your electric bill.  Also make sure you defrost regularly.


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