Soy Natura 2010 arrives in Estepona

It’s already time to put this in the schedule. This coming October, Estepona will be the meeting point for everyone who is committed to the future of the planet, because the second edition of Soy Natura will be held from 15 to 17 at the town’s Palacio de Congresos.
Following the success of the first edition, Soy Natura stands out as much more than a commercial fair, being a vehicle for innovation and sustainable development, in which renewable energy, organic products, responsible tourism and much more can demonstrate that further progress is possible without compromising our future.
The space is organised around six broad subject areas, Bio-huerto, Quality of Life, Sustainable Planet, Health, Natural kids and Healthy Eating. Designed in a dynamic and unusual way, there are central areas in each section for demonstrations, workshops and activities, as well as areas to enjoy outdoor activities in contact with nature.
Included within the feria there will be professional seminars on topics such as the II European Conference on Responsible Tourism, aimed at tourism professionals, or the Eco-building Day, designed for architects and construction professionals.
Besides being a must for the professional, Soy Natura is also a meeting point for the general public, promoting ecological awareness and a healthy lifestyle with an extensive program of activites and workshops designed for all ages.
Soy Natura is a meeting with Mother Earth, promoting social responsibility for the planet and will be a great showcase for information, services and environment-friendly products. A small gesture helps and many small gestures create breakthroughs.

Sylvia Gutiez
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